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Our RV Sale Swooper Feather Flag features an upper red section with the word "RV" emblazoned across it in yellow, with the word "Sale" set to a blue background on the lower section of the flag. This flag is ideal for RV dealerships that wish to attract prospective customers who are in the market for RV’s. This flag can be displayed in an array of different locations including directly in front of the showroom, along the roadside, at trade shows, and much more. If you want an eye-catching flag which will promote your RV business, then this is the perfect flag for you.

Our 11.5ft x 2.5ft Swooper Feather Flags are constructed of 110gsm knitted polyester material which is designed to withstand the elements over time. Swooper Flags, which are often referred to as "Half Sleeve Flags," "Bow Flags," "Advertising Banners," or "Super Flags," feature a sleeve which extends half way up the curved portion of the flag. This allows the flag to flutter in the wind with the slightest breeze. Our Swooper Flags are finished with a durable black oxford sleeve and black rope tie at the bottom which keeps your flag looking fresher longer by hiding the dirt. Our unique flags are carefully developed by our graphic designers to feature the most eye-catching and striking designs that will attract maximum attention.

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RV Sale Swooper Feather Flag

Item #: SWFL-0068
  • Price: $19.95

The base price is for the flag only. You may add poles and mounting hardware below.